VERT® started the Horizon Europe AeroSolfd Project

The European Commission and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation awarded funding for an €8.2 million project on cleaner urban air  - "AeroSolfd"

VERT is part of the AeroSolfd consortium led by MANN+HUMMEL and it is responsible of WP1 - Retrofitting of Gasoline Vehicles with GPFs.  The Project will deliver affordable, adaptable, and environmentally friendly retrofit solutions to reduce tailpipe and brake emissions and pollution in (semi-) closed environments. More info on the overall AeroSolfd project can be found below (link to press release).

Press Release No 1 - AeroSolfd (

Please find more information on the Horizon Europe AeroSolfd project at:

ETH 26th Nanoparticle Emissions Conference - Poster on HORIZON AeroSolfd GPF-Retrofit for Petro Vehicles

ETH Poster: AeroSolfd GPF-Retrofit for Cleaner Mobility