26th ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

 June 20-22, 2023 as in-person event,  ETH Zürich. The Conference is FREE!

Please find below all information on Conference Program and Exhibitors.


Please check our VERT exhibitions at ETH and visit the Poster sessions for the HORIZON AeroSolfd project!

Highlights ETH 2023 NPC Conference

The 26th ETH Nanoparticle Conference was a great success also this year. It started with the Conference Welcome Apero on June 19th, sponsored by VERT, on the rooftop of the ETH main building  with a fantastic view of the city of Zürich and continued with an excellent key note speech by C. Mohron June 20th, presentations and poster discussions on nanoparticle emissions from tailpipe and non-tailpipe for 3 full days ( please see the NPC flyer). VERT gave an important contribution with a poster on the HORIZON AeroSolfd project - GPF retrofit of Petrol engines, an excellent presentation by Dr. Mayer on " Millions of soot filters mitigating the climate change" and exhibitions on the Aerosolfd project with GPF manufacture CORNING,  GPF-retrofit manufacture HJS, AeroSolfd Brake retrofit exhibition by Mann+Hummel,  in-cabin emissions & the new occupational health project with Emissions Analytics and  NCA exhibition.

The 26th ETH Nanoparticle Conference  ended on June 22nd with an Appeal : “More than 300 scientists and engineers from 25 countries have been dealing with the problem of nanoparticle pollution in the air we breathe for 3 days discussed from the origin to the effects on health and climate to the urgent need for rapid degradation, the problem of indoor air pollution in particular has been given high priority. The conference closed with an appeal to the governments and especially to the Swiss Federal Council, to take binding measures in the shortest possible time so that nanoparticle concentrations of < 10,000 per cm3 are maintained in all indoor spaces, as the WHO already postulated in September 2021. Above all, this should also apply to schools, kindergartens, hospitals and old people’s homes and should be implemented  as a priority since the technology required is available in a variety of forms, as  demonstrated in the NPC conference.

Please find below the VERT contributions to the ETH Conference - Posters & Exhibitions:

HORIZON AeroSolfd Project - Retrofit Solutions for cleaner urban air






VERT / Emissions Analytics joint project - in-cabin emissions - Poster & Exhibition:



VERT / NanoCleanAir (NCA) Posters & Exhibition:

Poster_NCA_ETH_ Baldachin