VERT® Forum 20.03.2015 

Presentation & Program


D. Bleiner Empa
Bleiner: VERT® Welcome

Research News

Biological impact of GDI exhaust gas with/without GPF
C.Bisig, AMi, University of Fribourg
Bisig: GDI exhaust gas

PAH and nitro-PAH emissins of GDI-vehicles with/without GPF
M. Munoz, Empa
Munoz: PAH and nitro PAH emissions of GDI vehicles

Dioxins and furans are not only gernerated by copper catalysis
N. Heeb, Empa
Heeb: Dioxin and furans  

SDPF for retrofit and research cooperation with JRC
J. Czerwinski, UASB
Czerwinski: SDPF
Czerwinski: JRC

Technology News

Roll out of SCRon filter
R.Vornab, Liebheer
Vonarb: SCRonDPF

Thermo-management by on/off exhaust throttling
T. Lutz, ETH
Lutz: Throttling

Cleaning blocked filters
C.Hochstein, TUNAP
Hochstein: Particle Filter Cleaning

Taxi Measurements
A. Friedrich
Friedrich: Taxi Measurements

Presentation of New VERT® Members Technologies

K. Brown
Brown: CDTi 

M. Streichsbier
Streichsbier: ESW

Green Urban, UK
N. Standley
Standley: GreenUrban

J. Rim
Rim: IMET Green Power DPF-HEGR

VERT© Retrofit and First Fit Project

Retrofit projects for buses and construction machines in China
Y.Wang, VECC
Wang: DPF retrofit under the CCLP of China

Retrofit of a large Bus fleet in Tel Aviv
N. Baavur, EGGED
Baavur: Egged

Retrofit and first fit of public transport buses in Tehran
H. Shahidzadeh, AQCC
Shahidzadeh: Tehran DPF Project

Retrofit of public transport buses on 2600 m above sea level in Bogotá
N.I. Molina, SDA
Molina: Retrofit Bogota

Retrofit of construction machines for public works in Berlin
V. Hensel, VERT®
Hensel: Berlin Contruction machines 

Measurements, Regulation and Emission Policy

State of play of the Retrofit Emission Control regulation and VERT®
H. Baarbé, VROM
Baarbé: REC

Contribution to the new European Proposal for NRMM
F.Greil, AK
Greil: NRMM

Real world PN by METAS-conform PEPA onboard instrument
L. Cachón, TESTO
Cachon: PEPA

VERT® contributions to LRV 2015, 65th WMA 2014, and EPA-UFP 2015
A. Mayer, VERT®
Mayer: VERT© Policy

VERT©Road Map
V. Hensel, VERT®
Hensel: VERT® Road Map 2015

Closing Remarks
L.C. Larsen
Larsen: Fin Goodby.pdf

VERT® Forum program 20.03.2015