19th FAD Conference, 3-4 November 2022, Dresden

The 19th FAD conference with its exhibition was held on November 03-04 in Dresden. Over 120 attendees from OEMs, fuel and additives companies, universities and research organizations. The focus of the conference was on de-carbonization, and the challenge of emissions control technologies for both diesel and gasoline combustion engines in view of the upcoming EURO VII limits and the overall strategies and solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.
The pro and cons of the use of e-fuels and H2-combustion for both LDV and HDV was well presented as well as the latest strategies to reduce NOx and PN emissions from combustion engines. There is no possibility to achieve zero emissions or CO2 neutral mobility with only one mean, such as electrification and without taking care of the overall CO2-cycle. The synergies of all means such as H2 combustion, e-Fuels, alternative fuels, and the latest aftertreatment strategies for emissions reduction from diesel and gasoline combustion engines are considered to be the proper and best solution to CO2 emissions reduction, considering the not ready energy charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the current issues with the energy sources.

The challenge of reaching at least 55% CO2 reduction by 2030 is still alarming and solutions are needed.
Innovative drive and emission reduction concepts were discussed and the resulting changes in exhaust gas aftertreatment. Increasingly stringent expected emission requirements, such as the Euro VII standard, also require modern control systems for measuring and monitoring emission values.
Presentations will be reported as soon as available.  

Below the link to the full Conference Program & Exhibition.