VERT® Forum 18.03.2016

Presentations & Program


D. Bleiner | Empa
>> EMPA Welcome

V. Hensel | VERT
>> Introduction of new VERT members

Key Adresses

M. Ott | VERT
>> Environmental ethics and the VERT commitment

N. Heeb | EMPA
>> Can the diesel solve its emission problem in time

G. Löschau | Landesamt für Umwelt, Sachsen
>> Wirkung der Umweltzone auf die staßennahe Luftqualität

Research News

 J. Czerwinski | AFHB
>> GASOMEP: Particle emission of petrol engines with and without GPF 

C. Bisig | Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg
>> Adverse health effects of gasoline and diesel exhaust in human cell cultures

M. Muñoz | EMPA
>> Assessment of the genotoxic potential of GDI-vehicles with different GPFs

Technology News

Tue Johannessen | Amminex Emissions Technology A/S

>> Direct NH3-SCR: High DeNOx efficiency at low exhaust temperat

A. Mayer | VERT
>> New concept for the periodic control of all diesels

 J. Czerwinski | AFHB
>> Fast functionality check for DOC and SCR

L. Cachón | Testo AG
>> Next Generation PN Instruments for Quality Control of DPF Kerbside

A. Reinoso | Geasur
>> 400 Buses Tested following the new concept in Santiago de Chile

 F. Legerer | VERT
>>Fleet Monitoring Concept and New Statistical Evaluation Methods
>> (Suplement) Fleet Monitoring Concept and New Statistical Evaluation Methods

T. Lutz | ETH
>> DPF - Inspection & Maintenance

M. Müller | Freudenberg (presented by A. Mayer)
>> Disposable Diesel Exhaust Filters (Filter concepts for coal mines, progress in Australia)

VERT Retrofit Projects and Emerging Markets

H. Izanloo | ASA (Iran)

>> DPF retrofit and DPF first fit for all new diesel vehicles in Iran

L. Castillo Juarez, C. Dominguez Manjarrez | RTP, Ministry of Environment and Passenger Transport Red (Mexico)
>> Retrofit vehicle program in Mexico City

A. Mayer | VERT
>> DPF-retrofit projects and policies in China

L. Tartakovsky | TECHNION Israel Institute of Technology
>> DPF-Retrofit in Israel –First Results of the Pilot Test

V. Schlickum | Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt Berlin
>> Construction Retrofit in the Context of the LEZ Berlin

Legislation and Quality Aspects

G. D'Urbano | FOEN
>> PN-based periodic control for construction machinery

F. Greil | AK Wien (presented by A. Mayer)
>> The new EU-NRMM-Regulation

T. Kaltwasser | Krone Filtertechnik
>> Occupational Health Constraints of Construction Machines in Indoor Operations

 V. Hensel | VERT
>> VERT Road Map 2016