VERT® Forum 15.03.2018 

20 years of VERT emission control certification

Lifelong BAT for emission control of in-use and OE-vehicles and PTI


D. Bleiner | Empa
>> Welcome

L. Larsen | VERT
>> Greetings

Key Adresses

U. Wagner | KIT
>> Combustion engines - today and in the future

20 Years VERT Emission Control Certification

A. Mayer | TTM
>> BAT by PN, the quality paradigm from 10 retrofits to 300 million UFP-filters

J. Czerwinski AFHB
>> Filter testing and further efforts to minimize emissions

N. Heeb | Empa
>> Secondary emissions – the need and the challenge to protect human health

NPTI - Requirement and Solution

B. Gloor | AWEL
>> Investigation about functionality of DPF during PTI in Zürich

S. Krähenbühl | BAFU
>> PTI by PN for construction machinery

G. Kadijk | TNO
>> Low idle PN – a breakthrough for low cost instrumentation

R. Suarez-Bertoa | JRC-EU
>> Validation of PN-instruments for low idle PTI-instruments



>> Exhaust aftertreatment of gasoline engines with coated particle filters

L. Fabrykowski TRIANGULAR  F. Legerer VERT
>> Statistic tools for the on-line interpretation of DPF on-board control signals

New SCR- SPDF-Technology for Retrofit and First-Fit


C. Vincente Eminox
>> Retrofitting to real world Euro VI

T. Johannessen | AMMINEX
>> Solid ammonia technology for near-zero polluting diesel engines

H. Middelmann | TWINTEC-BAUMOT
>> NH3-Generator (B-NOx) – an upgrade for LDV and buses

K. Schrewe HJS
>> Upgrading Euro V city buses towards Euro VI emission under real driving conditions

New VERT Retrofit Projects in Emerging Markets


M. Doozandegan | VERT-ASA
>> DPF implementation in IRAN, opportunities and challenges

Y. Wang | VECC 
>> DPF retrofit in Shenzhen and Chinese national policy

A. Zalzberg SVIVA
>> Steps towards a nationwide Low Emission Zone – the case of Israel

Legislation and Quality Aspects

L. Larsen VERT
>> NPTI - Legislation leading to a booming aftersales Business

L. Sadler Sadler Consult
>>, diesel bans and other things

>> Vehicle labeling for old and new vehicles

V. Hensel VERT
>> Closing remarks