VERT® Forum 17.03.2017

Presentations & Program


D. Bleiner | Empa
>> Welcome

V. Hensel | VERT
>> Introduction of new VERT members

Key Adresses

A. Mayer | TTM
>> The VW Scandal – VERT involvement, conclusions and actions 

F. Jaussi | LIEBHERR
>>Emission control technology for nonroad-engines

Research News

J. Czerwinski |UASB
>>Research on petrol engine particle emissions

N. Heeb | Empa
>>Chemistry of the NOx trap technology

C. Hüglin|Empa
>>Reduction of BC content in ambient air in London and Switzerland

P. Dimopoulos|Empa
>>Problems and solutions with Ad Blue injection

Technology  News

T. Lutz | ETH
>>New membrane filter concept for marine engines

J. Galvarro SCANIA
>>Buses and coaches Euro IV+DPF for high sulfur fuel in Iran

A. Akbarzadeh | MAYAN-FUSO
>>Commercial vehicles Euro IV+DPF for high sulfur fuel in Iran

H. Middelmann TWINTEC
>> New SCR-technology

C. Hochstein TUNAP
>>Cleaning plugged DPFs

A. Mayer | TTM
>> Soot sensors for OBD

New VERT Retrofit Projects and Emerging Markets


M. Doozandegan | ASA
>> DPF-retrofit and DPF first fit for all new diesel vehicles in Iran

V. Hensel VERT
>> DPF-retrofit in Israel – countrywide retrofit in two LEZ

A. Mayer | TTM
>> DPF-retrofit projects and policies in Latin America

A. Mayer TTM
>> DPF-retrofit projects and policies in China

A. Mayer TTM
>> NPTI with high priority and urgency - international VERT-project

V. Hensel VERT
>> DPF-retrofit for construction in Berlin and other German cities

D. Bemer 
>> DPF-retrofit for construction in Paris

Legislation and Quality Aspects


V. Hensel VERT
>> Software and hardware manipulation – a flourishing market

A. Mayer TTM
>> REC-VERT, no longer a legal conflict?

V. Hensel VERT
>>BAT emission legislation worldwide

V. Hensel VERT
>>VERT Road Map 2017, white spots = new VERT-BAT application fields